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SEX, 7SECOND´S Sexuality

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The proposal of this book is to reveal “truths”. It doesn’t deal with anything oral, but it is
intended to make known the way to pleasure through the sex, the Sexar (to have sex), of the
Sexercise (sex practice). I’d like to quote Ananga-Ranga: “Love is love, flesh is flesh, body is
bodily”. Well, Love is Love and Sex is Sex, however, the sex exercised with someone by whom
we fell sensations of love, can lead to bliss, you just have to allow yourself.
The moral or immoral in sex, I mean about sexual activity developed between a pair,
is directly connected to what each of the two want, and/or accepts.
It is known that the spiritual aspect should be valued.
This book contains texts, and colorful photos. This didactic resource makes it easier to understand the lessons.


The biggest advantage is the self-knowledge acquired in a serious book that respects the fragility of human emotions.
As the human being is visual, the book is rich in real and colorful photos which facilitates understanding and allows to enhance the libido, has "viagra" effect.
Any woman will learn to feel ORGASM and any man will learn to control ejaculation.