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Buenos Aires | Special Guide Avoid the Obvious Entertainment

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Do you know Buenos Aires?

The Avoid the Obvious has selected more than 30 attractions to show you much more than that common tourist routes. Do you know those regular sightseeing tours throught the most famous and crowded spots of a famous city? We want you to know a lot more! With this guide, you will be able to choose the best tours for your trip, getting to know all the special secrets of Buenos Aires.

Our Buenos Aires Sspecial Guide brings you outdoor activity tips, places to eat, drink and enjoy the night, tips for sports enthusiasts and cultural attractions. There is also a great Bonus Tip that will make you see the city differently!

With this guide, you will have a unique opportunity to know a new culture in South America and renew the energies. After all, traveling is the best remedy for your problems. In addition, you can escape the obvious by visiting places that go beyond the ordinary tours. You will find out that Argentina isn't only about Tango!

Let's fly to Buenos Aires?


With the Avoid the Obvious Special Guide you will discover what no one has ever told you about Buenos Aires, and what Argentines love to do that we recommend.