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Prehistoric Contacts in Santa Catarina - Brazil General

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After seeing what I will show in the pages of this book, the definition of hunter-gatherer peoples will have to be added, as religious, astronomers, astronomers, philosophers, mathematicians and communicators, among others, of beings with techniques for mental development and spiritual, matter that is still taught in the Hindu religions, with transcendental meditation being one of them. The book Prehistoric Contacts in Santa Catarina - Brazil will show a rich cultural heritage in more than 100 photographs and try to explain the sacred symbols, cave monuments, astronomical observatories, solstitial and equinoctial alignments that exist in other cultures, showing possible contacts by symbolic similarity and astronomical science.


Rock art is a window into a magical, religious and scientific world of a people whose realistic religion has preserved and consecrated as goddess, Mother Nature. They inhabited here from 8,700 years before the present, according to the dating of a sambaqui in Jaguaruna, and they bequeathed us the intact nature, with a healthy and preserved environment, and also decorated with panels of rock art and demarcated by cave monuments.